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How ArtDS Works
The ArtDS works on Push & Pull technique. The transaction data is synchronized from client to server and all the configuration & master data is provided by server to client. fig1

The ArtDS allows synchronization of item, party and price related data to the client to transact. The process of adding a new item is initiated by entering the details of the product in the Server Product Master. Pressing on Synchronize button on server would act as a trigger to the synchronization process. The synchronization is achieved by generation of xml files for the different clients prepared and sent to web-server (hosting server).

When the Client (assuming that client has already subscribed) synchronizes, the Engine queries the web-server for any information available for download. The Client not initialized by server and not having subscribed cannot receive and send data.

As soon as the product data is downloaded and inserted in the client database, completing the registration process, the, acknowledgement is sent by the client engine to the server of the success and the file is removed from the web-server.

Immediately the synchronization engine detects for the data to be uploaded, if new updates found then the xml file is generated for the data being transacted by the client to the server.

The client side point of sale software at Retailers end allows retailer to work in off-line mode and generate reports & MIS as desired. When Server side synchronization engine queries the web-server for the data being sent by client, on availability, the client data is downloaded and inserted/Updated/Deleted in the server side database for future MIS.

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