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Different Methods

  1. Using email Attachment:
    • Send / Receive issues
    • Dropping of Attachment
    • Limitation of Size
    • Virus prone.
    • Mail - server issues
    • Accidental erase
    • Siphoning
    • Accidental Share of Information to wrong recipient.
  2. Leased-line connectivity:
    • Heavy Infrastructure Cost
    • Heavy maintenance Cost
    • Cost escalates as Number of Branches/Locations grow.
    • Alternative to solution needing Leased Line is only VPN.
  3. Remote Application Sharing using VPN Connectivity.
    • Requires Access Infrastructure, Presentation Server, Framework & MetaFrame to work, which adds to TCO.
    • High Cost of Installation & Deployment.
    • VPNs require an in-depth understanding of public network security issues and taking proper precautions in VPN deployment.
    • Requires Skilled IT Professional to Manage & Monitor,
    • Not truly mobile, suitable for Intranet setup.
    • Execution behind Firewall requires SSL.
  4. VSAT Connectivity
    • Space Constraint to put dish antenna.
    • Snow Building, Breakage or Dislocation of Dish, breakages hinder.
    • Heavy Investment.
    • Failure of Satellite Itself (requires Redirection to other satellite.)
    • Occasional outages due to the sun.
    • Occasional outages due to weather. (Very heavy precipitation can block the signal)
  5. On-Line Web Based Solution
    • Highly dependent on Net
    • Invoice can not be generated if Net is down
    • Navigation is not easy and is very slow.
    • All the functionality is not available
    • Not easy to operate & navigate, as client software
  6. Quicksoft Art of Data Synchronization
    • No Technology Overhead:
    • No Communication Overhead:
    • Minimal Start-up Cost & Maintenance free:
    • Convenient to adopt and use:
    • Server of Your choice:
    • Fresh & Updated Data:
    • Fast & Scalable:
    • No time Constraint:
    • No need of Dedicated Server or Data Center:
    • MIS of all the Branches available at finger-tips

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