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Advantage of ArtDS

  • No Technology Overhead:
    Quicksoft ArtDS does not need any high end systems at client side or server side and does not need any costly Application Servers or Databases or drivers to work. The Client Software and Server software provided by Quicksoft is good enough to transact at client side and collect the client transacted data at server designated by user without any application server or dedicated server hosting etc.,
  • No Communication Overhead:
    The ArtDS works on plain dial-up connection to send and receive the data. The data is sent is very light-weight as it is in XML format. The system intelligently manages the fresh data to be sent and sends only the Updates and does not send the data already sent and hence very fast transmission. User, no longer need to send the sales invoice and sales data or inventory status over Fax or email, avoiding duplication of work. Head office will always get the updated and latest figures without the human error, as would normally happen by sending wrong file or same file already sent and so on. Now, user no need to send reports over Fax or email or call head office for their requirement etc., thereby - lot of saving on Communication cost.
  • Minimal Start-up Cost & Maintenance free:
    The ArtDS is very easy to implement and is available with minimal or no start-up cost. All you need is ArtRM - Point of Sale Software for Client to transact and send data to Head Office.
  • Convenient to adopt and use:
    There are no complicated processes to be followed, since the client side Point of Sale software takes care of all the business process of the store. User need not depend on Leased-Line, Dial-up connection or Internet/Cablenet connection, as required in Web-based / Browser based remote application and hence very convenient. User is not even forced to Send data for any reason, he can simply Click on button at their convenience whenever they wish and have time. Plus user can free navigation the POS software as against the Browser based application.
  • Server of Your choice:
    ArtDS works on the principle of simple push & pull technology and hence any new information to be communicated to client is pushed by server and fresh data is pulled by the server from the client. Quicksoft ArtDS Server software can be installed on any system of users choice. Which need not necessarily be the dedicated & protected server. User can freely work on the Server and install any other application they wish on the server. As soon as the server side button is pressed all the Data is inserted in Server database and only remains in the physical custody of the Company and server of their choice. No copy of data is kept anywhere else and hence the safety and security of the data is also the liability of the company / head office. However, the auto-backup option safe-guards from accidental loss of data for every session.
  • Fresh & Updated Data:
    Companies get data always as it happens at the client side. (without any manipulation by the user). The system also captures the updates and deletion at client side, that means if user edits the Invoice or Deletes the Invoice or any transaction the Head office is communicated of the changes and the same changes are affected on server database. Every time the synchronization is done at client side the system checks for the recent updates to be sent to the server.
  • Fast & Scalable:
    The ArtDS is very fast, in terms of data transmission as it uses the tiny XML files for data synchronization. Since, only the incremental and updated data is being synchronized the file size remains very small as compared to some solution needing entire database to be replicated. Sending set of records thus reducing the network load during transmission. The ArtDS is also scalable and can match to growing needs of the client / server. It also has nice verbose features to communicate with the user about the number of records being sent/received and progress bar with alert messages.
  • No time Constraint:
    Client can do synchronization at any time of the day or night. Same way Server user can synchronize the data anytime of the day or night, irrespective of date & time, system automatically updates the data in the chronological order and always updates information in serial order.
  • No need of Dedicated Server or Data Center: The ArtDS does not need any dedicated server or data center as needed in some of online b2b exchange and complex architecture system. Since, the data is not permanently hosted on web server there is no need of Hardening of Server or Technical team for server management.
  • MIS of all the Branches available at finger-tips:
    With customers becoming more and more demanding, todayís marketing managers require improved and dynamic information support from MIS. With the flow of information customers are more informed today then ever before. Todayís organizations are realizing the urgent need to create customer support mechanism, cut down costs, cycle and response times which warrants improved MIS to provide the Vital Information System for managerial functions. With the paradigm shift from inbound disintegrated technology processes to integrated outbound web enabled solutions and mobile computing, the MIS approach has also felt the paradigm shift from conventional wisdom of MIS on slow and nonmoving items in the inventory to dynamic, just in time distributed inventory levels, actionable information and exception reports highlighting the situation and forecasting tools and so on. Typically the MIS converts raw data into a meaningful information. The data available for MIS has to be accurate and reliable as they are used for mission critical decision making. Thatís why Art-MIS works on the ASP model. In fact nobody can add or alter the data available for MIS but it gets updated using Art-SYNC for data synchronization for decentralized data centres fig1-6 Today, Point of Sale is not restricted to Just the Supermarkets & Malls, it extends to all Retail businesses merchandising diverse products and involves the Stockists, Super-Stockists, Distributors and retailers selling direct to customers which requires accurate, complete and dynamic information of trade & logistics to Effectively manage the supply chain with enhanced efficiency, increased speed to shelf, huge cost savings and better customer satisfaction.
  • Potential challenges and Implementation Issues:
    • Server Pre-Requisites:
      ∑ Define the Locations and assign Identification Number to locations where the solution is to be implemented.
      ∑ Quicksoft can provide the pre-configured system to capture the specified transactions by the server.
      ∑ Create Locations on Server Database.
      ∑ Create Products to be broadcast on Server Database.
      ∑ Define the PC acting as server.
      ∑ Install the ArtDS-Server Software on Server PC. Alternatively extra the server software can be installed on multiple nodes but executing the software from Server PC and mapping database to Server PC.
      ∑ In order to Synchronize the data, the Internet connection is required, it could be dial-up, cablenet or leased-line connectivity.
    • Client Pre-Requisites:
      ∑ Assignment of Location ID Number by all the locations in the enterprise. as provided by the Head Office (and As assigned in the Server)
      ∑ Quicksoft can provide the pre-configured Point of Sale system to send only the specified transactions to the server.
      ∑ Get Products using Synchronization process.
      ∑ Define the PC acting as Client side server. (in case of multi-user environment)
      ∑ Install the ArtDS-Client Software on Client Server PC. Alternatively the Client software can be installed on multiple nodes but executing the software from Client -Server PC and mapping database to Client-Server PC.
      ∑ In order to Synchronize the data, the Internet connection is required, it could be dial-up, cablenet or leased-line connectivity.
      1. Client Type
        a. Chain Store (Company owned / Partner)
        b. Franchisee (Company owned / Partner)
        c. Branch Office (Company owned / Partner)
        d. Logistic arrangement - Only for Inventory Management (Company owned / Managed by Logistic Company)
      2. If Branch/Store/Warehouse is company owned then there are no issues as regards the data ownership, but if the store is having franchisee arrangement and if they are dealing with other product then retailer may not like to share the data with the company. In a given situation, depending on the type of the client, the software requirement at Client Side would be for: a. Complete Point of Sales b. Point of Sales without the Financial Accounting c. Only Billing Software d. Only Logistic Software e. Only Inventory Software
    Regardless of the type of the client and amount of information being synchronized the organization needs to understand the challenges of leveraging these information to gain the benefits of Supply Chain Management. All the above challenges can be overcome by planning a systematic approach to implementation. During the Implementation, many of these challenges would throw up multiple alternatives of going forward. At every decision point, each of these alternatives should be evaluated meticulously in terms of current applicability, potential long term impact, benefits and the risks involved. A decision based on the comprehensive evaluation of alternatives, posed by these challenges, can lead to a stable and long term solution. The implementation would also help organizations in achieving better system control reliability, reduced manual and repetitive data entry and automated business processes.

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