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Art of Asset Management

Salient Features of Quicksoft Art-AM :

The Petrol Pump Management Software

The Supermarket Management Software

Mobile Phone Shop Management Software

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Petrol Pump Management Software


Easy Set-up and Ease of Inventory Management

Art-AM makes initial Asset Registration and inventory stock taking very simple and highly automated. Registration of an Asset is as easy as scanning barcode/tags to assign the unique ID to the Asset.

The software generates missing or out-of-place hardware, as well as whereabouts of the mobile equipment . (Note: Art-AM asset-tracking software can be used without the barcode scanner, but adding the scanner to the system improves functional efficiency dramatically.)

Simple, Powerful, Cost-effective

The beauty of the Art-AM system lies in its ability to track your organization's inventory of equipment with workflow management and integrated service module giving you complete history of the Assets.

Art-AM works with several different models of portable barcode laser scanners and touch scanners.

The Art-AM supports all Industry standard scanners and our customizable, asset tracking software - tracking and maintaining your inventory become remarkably simple.

User-friendly software.

Art-AM is very easy to use. It's based on the commonly used PC database application, and user need not be computer savvy to use the software.

Optionally, Art-AM is also available with source code at a premium, should you wish to radically customize it for your organization.

How does it work?

Quicksoft, Art-AM is very easy to work with. You can operate the software without the Bar Code Scanners, etc., in manual mode or use personalized identification tag affixed to each piece of equipment. (may be by capturing barcode from permanent, laminated barcode Label/plate, Each ID tag bears a unique bar coded number and  is scanned and entered into Art-AM software, where it's attached to other information about the item in process.

Once entered, inventory is maintained simply by scanning the barcode and noting any discrepancies. The software makes the tracking of mobile equipment easy, by registering who has borrowed the equipment and when it's due back, with Gate Pass In/Out Printing and many other comprehensive reporting features to alert you to missing or out-of-place equipment.


Art-AM can easily track up to millions of assets and has the ability to calculate depreciation for your entire asset inventory, and alert you on maintenance schedule reports which makes it a comprehensive solution for your Asset Management needs.

Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Governmental Application.

College & Institutes having personal machines of faculty and staff, large public student laboratories, research facilities, and departmental infrastructure (file servers, WebServers, etc.,). Not to mention hubs, switches, printers, projection displays.... you name it. It can be used to track inventory of computers & Peripherals etc.,

Very useful for Studio and Production Film Unit where there are lot of moveable assets to be tracked.

Government offices and organizations having offices in multi-storey building and multi-location offices

Laboratories and Research Institutes where Medical Equipments, Machines are given for testing and calibration and for research activities.

Is very essential in a Typical factory environment, where parts like Varnier Calipar, Tools Sets, Weighing Scales, Pressure Guage Metre, etc., are issued on daily basis and collected at the end of the day.

Diamond Industry, Pathology Laboratory, Hospitals, Post Office, etc.,


1. Initial inventory
The Art-AM software automates the keeping of records about a particular piece of equipment. This can include physical data -- make, model, serial number, configuration and the like -- as well as location and use data, such as department, office, "owning" employee, floor, building... In fact, with Art-AM 's asset tracking software you can track anything you wish, since the database fields can be customized to suit your needs.

2. Asset tracking
Art-AM keeps tabs on all your mobile equipment. For example, a laptop computer or cell phone borrowed by a salesperson is "checked out" using the barcode scanner, and "checked in" when it's returned. The software keeps track of who has each item and when it is due back -- it will even alert you to missing or overdue equipment.

3. Art-AM saves you time and money.
Consider the methods you use now, and how inefficient they are... manual data entry and recording of serial numbers at every inventory, paper records that never seem to match reality, The Art-AM eliminates the possibility of error, reliance on a whole separate security system with its own set of maintenance requirements.

4. Return on Investment
Using Art-AM pays for itself quickly, both through great savings in equipment loss, and through the significant decrease in man-hours spent tracking inventory. Knowing what your company owns, where it is and who has it can be costly, time-consuming and error-prone.
with Quicksoft's unique, all-in-one asset tracking solution. Art-AM offers you a complete Asset Tracking solution.

Packing List

The Art-AM Asset Tracking System includes asset tracking software, barcode labels (either paper or pre-printed Mylar barcode labels) and portable scanners. The Art-AM System can be used for asset management, asset inventory, as well as asset tracking.

With Art-AM you can print your own barcode labels using off-the-shelf paper labels or you can print polyester labels with your laser scanner. The Polyester label stock can be purchased at an office supply company near you.

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