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Quicksoft Customer Support Solution (HelpDesk)
“Reach out and touch Customers worldwide through Helpdesk solution”
 Product Overview
 "Design and Implement the Customer Experience which will turn your one time buyer into a customer for life", has now become the compelling focus across sectors and organizations.
 In the service sector, Customer Experience has always been the differentiating platform due to the absence of any tangible product that the customer purchases to carry home. In the face of globalization, increased competition and the increasing absence of product differentiators; companies in service sector and a select few in the manufacturing sector have started to revisit customer service and leverage it to acquire a formidable position within the industry.
 Helpdesk support is a must-have for any new or existing service business. Even if the majority of your business is off-line, many people prefer online product and service support. Customers want their questions answered quickly and personnel need a way to effectively manage their work. Quicksoft Helpdesk solution is an affordable, easy-to-use and useful tool for the growth of your business.
Quicksoft Helpdesk solution is designed to give organizations competitive advantage by providing more responsive and proactive service to customers; and facilitating faster response times to internal incident reports and change requests resulting in higher productivity.
The HelpDesk solution is deployed as a cost-effective hosted solution, so it won't require big investments. It is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis. This means there is no hardware to install and you can get started instantly. You will never have a headache with all the technical problems like security, reliability and maintenance again.
 HelpDesk is a web-based help desk software that allows customer support automation through Internet; you will be able to respond to your customer's requests more effectively and will have better success in attracting new customers.

 Some of the benefits of help desk support may include an increase in customer satisfaction, few calls to call centers, more productivity of personnel, and the ability to determine and better manage issues with your service or products. Consistent feedback can help the growth of your company by keeping you informed on user interface and improve upon the product.
 With help desk solution, customer and technical support staff are better able to manage and track trouble tickets.
 Increase Sales - by providing real time assistance, you can resolve issues at the point of sale enabling customers to complete their purchases. Quicksoft also allows you to sell additional products and services by offering special deals and cross selling.
Reduce Costs - online, your operators can handle multiple calls concurrently while at the same time not incurring phone charges.
Increase Customer Satisfaction - by providing real human interaction and instant problem resolution, customers have a positive experience and are much more likely to return when making future purchases.

HelpDesk is a highly efficient cutting edge technology solution that will dramatically improve quality and reduce costs of Internet-based customer support. It combines powerful features with an elegant user interface, allowing seamless integration with customer's website. HelpDesk consists of a unique Web interface to allow Customers and Agents to login from the same URL.
Customer Desk pages are browser-independent. Each Web page contains detailed instructions on how to navigate through the site and how to use any particular feature. Customer Desk pages may be completely customized to have your corporate Website look and feel.
Web Based Administration - View statistics, add accounts or modify features from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.
Hyperlinks and Images - Include clickable links and images (screen-shots of error on your software), Excel Sheet, Word Document as an attachements in your text chats.
E-Mail Notification - Every action by Customer and Agents is communicated through email between each other. This allows customers to get timely information about the action taken and same way agents get alerts about the customer seeking help.
Auto-Escalation: Allows users to be notified if an incident has been escalated to them. Runs on the same server as the ESP database, eliminating the need for a dedicated server or additional hardware. Sends e-mail to the user letting them know an incident has been assigned to them. Escalations can be based on the situation, individual or organization

Customer Side Operations
  1. Self registering: To submit requests customers need to register for the first time to create a separate password-protected account.

  2. Simplified: Seamless registration while submitting requests with e-mail and name only.

  3. Auto Registration by Invitation: Ability to automatically register the customer by sending the Invitation.

  4. Visitor Profile and Info - Operators have instant access to a profile of the visitor containing computer information, pages visited, previous chat transcripts and operator notes.

  5. Requests Submission: Customers are able to ask, review or update questions to the support staff.

  6. Automatic email notifications: The system automatically generates email notifications when issues are resolved or updated by the support staff.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions: Searchable Knowledge base of frequently asked questions helps to find answers to related problems or questions.

  8. FAQ access restriction: Access to certain FAQ topics may be restricted for each customer individually.

  9. E-mail Interface: Allows customers to submit requests via email. Attachments will be linked to the request.
Agents/Support Executive Side Operations
  1. Web-based: All the functionality is accessible through the Web.

  2. Staff Management: Ability to create, update and delete support staff records.

  3. Groups: Divide your personnel into categories allowing calls to be routed to specific departments.

  4. Product/Area Management: Ability to create, update and delete your company's support site products/areas.

  5. Customer Questions Management: Ability to resolve or update customers' questions as well as searching through a questions database for a related answer.

  6. FAQ Knowledgebase Management: Customer support staff has an easy way to create and update the FAQ Knowledge base records or to search through FAQ database for a related answer.

  7. Automatic email notification: The system automatically notifies support staff when the new request has been sent or when the existing issue information was updated by the customer.

  8. Security: The site is secured by a unique user Id / password combination to prevent unauthorized access to the site.

  9. Easy Customization: All features may be customized through easy to navigate web-based forms.

  10. Newsletters wizard: Allows sending newsletters to customers.

  11. Assignment Rules: The system allows setting rules for automatic questions assignment to customer service representatives according to the product, company or domain.

  12. Role-based permission: Ability to manage user access rights for "Knowledge Base", "Questions", "Customers" and "Reports" tabs in Support Desk.

  13. Reports: Build-in reports to gather statistical informational with optional charts.

  14. Spell Checker: Checks spelling online in customer support replies.

  15. Transfer: Transfer calls from one agent to another in real time.

  16. Mail Integration: Allows customers to submit help desk requests via email. Attachments will be linked to the request.

  17. Mail Rules: Ability to assign certain products/areas for different groups of questions coming through email interface.

  18. Custom Fields: Ability to create custom fields for the user registration and request forms.

  19. Escalation Rules: Ability to set rules for automatic escalation of customer request according to the time, status, product and other criteria.

  20. Response Templates: Ability to create typical response templates to streamline support staff answers.

  21. Real Time Chat Monitoring: Administrators can view conversations as they occur, interject comments or take over the call if the operator is not properly handling the issue.

  22. Web-Query: Ability to create web-query to the Quicksoft database. Query result is available in the XML or HTML format.
How does it Work ?
Both customers and personnel will benefit with the Helpdesk support system. Quicksoft Helpdesk solution allows the end-user to compile a list of FAQ’s to better serve the client base. FAQ’s can save the company both time and money by letting customers find the answers to their own questions. Of course there will be occasions when the FAQ’s do not cover every conceivable troubleshooting issue. Although helpdesks can be automated, this type of software also allows for more advanced technical support to be offered.
 Visitors/Customers to your web site simply needs to click a Support button and get access to the knowledgebase or connected with one of your representatives for further support. Your representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them through your web site.
Customers can simply submit an inquiry to the appropriate department and expect a timely response.

 In order to successfully implement the HelpDesk solution, different participants needs to be involved at different levels and monitor the response and quality with following milestones.
  1. Team Leadership Audit,
  2. Managerial Style Audit,
  3. Service Delivery Audit Process and
  4. Customer Satisfaction Audit Process
Why Quicksoft HelpDesk
  1. Zero Implementation: Knowing the headaches of software implementation and on-going care needed to deploy a software solution, we at Quicksoft have developed the Web Solution which does not require any installation and maintenance at the client side.
  2. Reliability: Quicksoft has a long track record of 20 years of development experience, with various products for different enterprise needs. All quicksoft, products are passing through the software test process giving you always a quality product.
  3. Scalability and Security: Quicksoft Solution is hosted on webhost4life’s US server with strong security and backup facilities, giving you a strong and secured server hosting.
  4. Return on Investment: In today's fast-moving business climate, the key to success is lowering the TCO and reduced risk by speeding implementation and deploying the solution with ease. The ASP model lowers the risk, simplifies licensing, eases deployment, encourages innovation, and decreases costs, all of which result in faster return on investment.
 Quicksoft HelpDesk shortens time-to-value by eliminating software implementation and cost issues and over the longer term, HelpDesk users need not ever implement software upgrades, pay for maintenance, or add hardware, the result is lower total cost of ownership.
 Investment in CRM can increase your customers’ satisfaction and their desire to continue business with you. Without such a management program, staff can be easily overwhelmed with support calls and emails. Customer support should be the top priority on any business’s agenda. Without a loyal customer base, a company simply will not thrive.
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