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Tool Calibration and Control Software

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Blue Mountain Quality Resources offers a complete set of resources to streamline and simplify validation of your Calibration Manager system, including a complete validation protocol and software quality assurance manual.

LT Vista for Windows is the latest generation of software offered by LT Industries Inc. for the collection and manipulation of Near IR spectra. The software consists of a data collection module and GRAMS/32 for the processing and manipulation of spectra. Some of the control

The CPRO 2000 Professional Calibration tracking system is a preventive calibration system with calibration intervals specified in days. The CPRO 2000 program provides monitoring, tracking, and control of the calibration function. The CPRO 2000 program is unequaled in calibration capability and is suitable for small, medium and large companies. Network ready, at no additional cost! Standard features include an exclusive calibration due notification, scheduled and unscheduled (emergency) calibration work orders, on line calibration procedures, equipment/asset copy function, drop down entry selection tables, materials, labor, and subcontracting cost tracking, and an extensive report selection. In addition the program includes a back up and restore feature.

A lot of Linux users seem resigned to the notion that the X Window System is a second-class citizen in the calibration world. They couldn't be more wrong. Just as Linux allows you the flexibility to hand-tune your kernel configuration and optimize your disk drive performance to the manufacturer's limits, you can calibrate your monitor with enough precision to satisfy the pros. Here's how http://applications.linux.com

High-end, simple-to-use software for community noise prediction and assessment. Handles industrial facilities, roads, railways, airports, stationary sources, and HVAC equipment. Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and XPT. Strong import capability and database connectivity, and beautiful contour and 3-D graphics, make the package a valuable tool for assessing one to thousands of sources and http://www.scantekinc.com

Ten years ago a CNC machine tool was laser-calibrated only after a crash or during a rebuild. Today routine annual calibration is becoming as common for CNCs as for CMMs or digital gages, and not just for traceability reasons, either; updating control compensation values sharpens a machine's accuracy and improves performance on tight tolerance jobs. possible 24http://www.pqi.net/Pages/service.html

quality assurance
ITEM Software is the acknowledged world leader in the supply of Reliability Engineering Software. If your business is involved with Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) evaluation, you need to contact Item Software. http://www.itemuk.com

 CIS by dqsnet
Provides secure tracking of all your text, spreadsheet, graphic or multimedia documents in their original format, so there is no need to re-type data or learn additional software. Document revisions and approval are supported on-line. Multiple directories allow you to decide who has access to what type of document. Q-Pulse allows unlimited free read access to your documents, making it the most cost-effective document management tool available. http://www.dqsnet.com

The program’s ability to import and export recorded data to popular file formats makes APOLLO Pro a common software toolkit for many industry applications. The program’s capabilities are extremely universal and many features and functions of this program carry over from ATI’s well known and popular VISION ECU Calibration and Measurement Software http://www.accuratetechnologies.com

The PAX-it Measurement Module allows you to measure, annotate, and analyze your images with just a few clicks. Create written reports that include the raw data obtained, a summary table of statistics, image database information, PLUS the images involved. When it comes to reporting, a picture is invaluable in communicating the results that were found. http://www.paxit.com

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