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Engnet offers web site design services at affordable costs - professionally designed websites specifically for the Engineering Industry. Including images, HTML, JavaScripting, Active Server Pages, Database Frontends and a whole lot more, your website can be tailored to meet virtually any need. http://www.engnetglobal.com

GrafiCalc automates the process of changing geometry produced by a computer-aided-design (cad) program to support the solution of static, kinematic, or dynamic design problems. The software, which can be used with Windows-based spreadsheet packages such as Microsoft Excel, includes a library of more than 100 built-in functions for automating standard engineering http://www.memagazine.org

MicroMain XM gives you the tools you need to streamline maintenance operations, maximize productivity and reduce costs. This asset-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) works because it's set up the way you actually work. With MicroMain XM, you can automate work orders, schedule preventive maintenance tasks and completely track assets. Plus you can track trends with comprehensive reports and make better decisions. http://www.capterra.com/

Ape Software’s vision is to deliver the easiest-to-use and most reliable database applications to the quality assurance community. Ape’s key business objective is to earn global leadership in the market for quality assurance applications. Ape’s main business strategy is to provide quality assurance applications that operate across the most popular platforms and operating systems, are the most intuitive to use, and offer some of the most reasonably priced applications in the industry. http://www.apesoftware.com
Inc. serves the projection and presentation markets, with an emphasis on improving the quality of Home Theater display devices worldwide with easy to use professional calibration systems. Milori, Inc. is a private, employee-owned corporation located just outside the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. http://www.milori.com

CMX software is based on Beamex’s 25 years of experience in calibration and quality maintenance of instrumentation. CMX also represents Beamex’s 3rd generation of software providing solutions to calibration and maintenance of instrumentation http://www.etesters.com
NCapstone has been helping clients improve plant reliability and equipment integrity for more than a decade by providing a set of integrated consulting services and the most comprehensive Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software on the market. Capstone’s technology utilizes Risk-Based models and Inspection Planning rules to optimize the inspection and maintenance of process facility assets

 CIS by cv.nrao
An association is a means of identifying a set of exposures as belonging together and being, in some sense, dependent upon one another. The association concept permits these exposures to be calibrated, archived, retrieved, and reprocessed as a set rather than as individual exposures. Associations are defined by observers in their proposals. Typical usage will be: http://www.cv.nrao.edu
The evolution of our Vision Appliance software is very exciting. We are continually adding new features and capabilities without compromising the user interface that customers have come to appreciate,” said Steve Geraghty, Director of ipd. “Version 1.4 demonstrates our commitment to bring simplified machine vision technology to ALL users. With iNspect now supporting 3rd party hardware platforms, such as IEEE 1394 cameras, users have an easy-to-use inspection tool with widespread applicability and a choice of hardware deployment options. http://www.advancedimagingpro.com

Blue Mountain Quality Resources offers a complete set of resources to streamline and simplify validation of your Calibration Manager system, including a complete validation protocol and software quality assurance manual

Navigation: Engineering: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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