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Simulators and Modeling Software

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All too often, the success of a design project hinges on hitting a market window. And a key to hitting a market window is the delicate dance that goes on between the software and hardware design teams. How does the software team validate its work without a hardware prototype? When that hardware is an ASIC or SoC, it could take months for the team to come up with a prototype. http://www.elecdesign.com/

ARGESIM - ARGE Simulation News - gives support for Simulation Software at Vienna University of Technology. This includes license maintainance, updates, courses and information - in co-operation and on behalf of the Dept. Standardsoftware of ZID TU Vienna. http://www.argesim.org/software/software_text.html

The COSMIC collection consists of over 500 programs. We are working to make all of these available on our site. If you are interested in a program which has not yet been published here, or just have general questions, please Generate random numbers. http://www.openchannelfoundation.org/cosmic/
SID defines a small component interface which serves to tightly encapsulate them. Components may be written in C++, C, Tcl or any other language to which the API is bound. Typically, components are separately compiled and packaged into shared libraries. A standard run-time linking/loading interface is defined for these http://sources.redhat.com/sid/

CSIM is an ideal simulation tool for our needs. Because CSIM is a C/C++ library as opposed to a dedicated simulation language, I can develop my models in C++ and simply use CSIM to define the parallel and/or discrete event activities. I have written many models using CSIM and typically only about 15-20 percent of the code is discrete event "simulation" related, the remaining code is either support for the model or the definition of the "business rules." http://www.mesquite.com/customers/testimonials.htm

Until this point, we have focused on a single question throughout this entire text: How can we get computer programs to mimic the behavior of physical systems. In this chapter, as well as in the following chapters, we shall deal with quite a different issue: We shall try to understand how humans model the behavior of physical systems in the absence of a computer, i.e., how they reason about the functioning of a device or process. In other words, we shall try to model the process of understanding itself. Naive physics is one methodology that can address this question. Other methodologies will be discussed in due course. http://www.ece.arizona.edu/

QuestionPro was founded by two software consultants who believe software should make our lives easier. After years in the consulting business, we've experienced the "dark side" of overly complex software. QuestionPro is our take on what software should be, web-based and easy to use. We evolve our business by understanding user requirements and delivering solutions that make your job easier. http://www.questionpro.com/info/aboutUs.html

A large variety of software packages supporting the development of models and simulation software for studying the dynamic behaviour of physical systems is available today both from research organizations and from specialized commercial software vendors. By automating the process of simulation software development for certain problem classes, these generic simulation systems enable practitioners without substantial programming experience to obtain executable simulators easily http://fluid.power.net

Before companies begin adding a new production facility, modifying the plant layout to accommodate a new piece of equipment, or start other capital expenditure projects, many maintenance, engineering and operations departments use simulation software to better understand the alternatives. Simulation software allows users to model a process or an entire plant on a computer screen before committing to the expense of full implementation

ISIS Flow is a full hydrodynamic simulator for modeling flows and levels in open channels and estuaries and is at the heart of the system. ISIS Flow is able to model complex looped and branched networks, and is designed to provide a comprehensive range of methods for simulating flood plain flows. ISIS Flow incorporates both unsteady and steady flow solvers, with options that include simple backwaters, flow routing and full unsteady simulation. The simulation engine provides a direct steady-state solver and adaptive time-stepping methods to optimise run-time and enhance model stability http://www.wallingfordsoftware.com/products/isis/tech.asp/

Navigation: Engineering: 1 2 3 4

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