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Quality Assurance and ISO Software

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Instant Software Compliance
A nationally recognized expert in these areas, Expert has been dedicated to this field since 1986, when the FDA wrote their initial software guidance document. She has been responsible for compliance turn-around and start-up companies initial submissions or Fortune 100 companies compliance needs. She is able to supply ready-to-use Standard Operating Procedures for Instant Software Compliance, Instant Design Control Compliance, and Instant Risk Management, as well as software documentation and submission templates

The company specializes in the design, development and installation of sensors, information processing, simulation and modeling, and navigation technology. Sensis' global client base includes national and international governments and industries for air defense, air traffic management, airline and airport operations management, medical devices, transportation systems and telemedicine

Software Engineering
A major aim of Software Engineering is to ensure the quality of the final product of the software development process. Quality is not an extra that can be added at the end of the process. To achieve it one must consider how each stage contributes to the quality of the final product. Quality assurance should be seen as an intrinsic part of the software life-cycle. One key mechanism of quality control is software testing, another is inspections and reviews. However, these should be implemented as part of a wider Quality Assurance Plan
Software Assurance Division
To achieve ISO 9001:2000, the IV&V and Software Assurance Division successfully established a quality management system, detailed management responsibilities, identified resource management issues, addressed product realization, and articulated a measurement and improvement process.
SQA systems
Incorporates state-of-the-art topics for software testing and for managing SQA activities. Emphasizes the application aspects of SQA systems, discussing how to overcome difficulties in the implementation and operation of SQA systems. Integrates real-world examples throughout the text. Includes numerous pedagogical features, including summary boxes, faqs, problems, case studies, and discussion topics.) Contains professional appendices, which include a collection of useful document templates and review checklists.

In 2000, Reksoft obtained ISO 9001 certification from an international assessor AFAQ ASCERT International GmbH. In 2003, Reksoft was recertified as complying with the latest Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2000. Currently, CMMI level 4 implementation is in progress. Our delivery management practices are aligned with the recommendations of eSourcing Capability Model (eSCM).
software products
Some issues this report addresses include: evaluations of software products based on predicate devices; documentation requirements that emphasize software safety and computer security; software properties that may affect the safety of the total system. This report concentrates on activities for the software lifecycle. It also identifies some issues that are of special interest when the software lifecycle is embedded within the system lifecycle. One of these issue concerns information from the system requirements phase that is essential for the software development phases. Another of these issues concerns the scope and definition of software verification and validation within system verification and validation (this report does not address system verification and validation).

Software quality assurance
Software quality assurance has never been more challenging -- nor more business-critical. In this completely updated guide, sixteen of the world's leading SQA experts share their practical experience with the full range of techniques available for managing software quality. Discover the best ways to organize, staff and improve your software quality organization. Learn how to make the most of inspections, software configuration management, Pareto charts, metrics, statistical methods, CASE tools and other key SQA tools and approaches

Telelogic Logiscope™
is a software quality assurance (QA) tool that helps increase test coverage by automating code reviews and the identification and detection of error-prone modules for quality assurance and software testing. With customizable software testing features, Logiscope increases software quality by identifying bugs early in the software development process, connecting you to faulty constructs, and recommending improvements.

The program focuses on the tasks you must perform and the physical deliverables you must create to establish and maintain an effective software quality management system that complies with ISO 9000 or AS-3563. Particular emphasis is placed on the format and content of the Software Quality Manual as a vehicle for specifying the scope of your management system. Our key objective is to improve your productivity in establishing your software quality system documentation. Course materials include 500 pages of notes, references and sample quality system elements such as procedures, standards outlines and job descriptions.

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