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 SilverCreek by Interworking Labs, Inc.
SilverCreek, the automated SNMP tester / testing and development tool to find and fix bugs in SNMP agent / networking implementations. InterWorking Labs provides complete SNMP testing software for hubs, routers, switches, cable modems, and other network manageable products.

STATISTICA Quality Control Charts by StatSoft, Inc.
STATISTICA Quality Control Charts offers fully customizable (e.g., callable from other environments), easy and quick to use, versatile charts with a selection of automation options, and user-interface shortcuts to simplify routine work (a comprehensive tool for Six Sigma methods). http://www.statsoft.com

STATISTICA Enterprise-wide SPC System (SEWSS) by StatSoft, Inc.
Based on state-of-the-art connectivity technologies, STATISTICA Enterprise-wide SPC System (SEWSS) is designed for local and global enterprise quality control and improvement applications, including Six Sigma; it offers real-time monitoring and alarm notification for the production floor, a comprehensive set of analytical tools for engineers, sophisticated reporting features for management, Six Sigma reporting options, and much more. http://www.statsoft.com

PRISM® is the new Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) software tool that ties together several tools into a comprehensive system reliability prediction methodology. The PRISM concept accounts for the myriad of factors that can influence system reliability, combining all those factors into an integrated system reliability assessment resource. PRISM was developed to overcome inherent limitations in MIL-HDBK-217 that is no longer being actively maintained or updated by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Sophisticated System Reliability - Availability Modelling Made Simple! MEADEP - Measurement-Based Dependability Analysis Tool. MEADEP consists of four modules. These modules are: Data Pre-Processor (DPP) Data Editor and Analyzer (DEA) Model Generator (MG) Model Evaluator (ME)

World's Most Powerful FMEA Tool;FMEA-Pro6 is the world's most powerful Failure Modes and Effects Analysis software. This FMEA tool is designed and built for the automotive, consumer electronic, aerospace & defense, and general manufacturing industries.;FMEA-Pro 6 is an all-in-one product that drives corporate consistency while dramatically cutting the time required for studies. With the release of Version 6, FMEA-Pro will help you complete your studies up to 50%+ faster. Plus, it will help you identify more risks than ever before - ultimately creating safer products!

FavoWeb by RELIASS
FavoWeb (Selected by LOCKHEED MARTIN for the JSF (F35) Project) Failure Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action System Main Features: Collect Failures, FRBs and Corrective Actions, User Roles,  Email Notification, Workflow Control, Report Generation, Import/Export Data

caTracker by Soule Quality Systems
caTracker is a web based corrective action automation system for companies with ISO9000 or similar certifications. Issues are logged, tracked, escalated, and reported automatically, which saves time and money. http://www.soulequalitysystems.com

Chameleon LIMS (Laboratory Information System) by Systems Plus
Insures that all testing is performed according to product specification for both ingredients and bulk product. ;Co-ordinates the approval of materials where multiple samples and approvals are required. ;Prevents the use of unapproved or expired materials. ;Support MSDS and Certificate of Analysis document storage and retrieval. These documents are directly linked to products and containers, and can be retrieved online. ;Creates Certificates of Analysis from test results. ;Supports Electronic Quarantine. ;Under strict management control, allows unapproved materials to be used pending their testing. Will prevent the approval of batches if unapproved ingredients used were subsequently rejected.

WAPT by SoftLogica LLC
WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for web sites and intranet applications with web interface. Accurate load simulation, run-time test data generation, recording and playback of secure HTTPS requests, clear graphs and reports, and more.

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