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The latest release of award-winning TracePro 3.3 by Lambda Research Corp. provides powerful design and analysis capability with algorithms such as RepTile, polarization modeling, thermal variation and birefringence to analyze both computer LCD monitors and backlight displays. TracePro 3.3 features the upgraded RepTile, which can model millions of surface features, including those that vary along rows and columns, ideal for analyzing and designing the millions of scattering dots or the prismatic brightness enhancement films used in LCD backlights. TracePro is 3-D virtual prototyping software to facilitate the design and analysis of almost any optical or illumination system in various markets, including the optics, aerospace, defense and security, biomedical and illumination industries.

IS WinBics is an automation system specifically for opticians. http://www.infosoft.be

CODE V is a powerful tool for the modeling, analysis and design of optical systems of all types. It includes powerful optimization methods, diffraction-based analysis and much more. http://www.opticalres.com

LightTools Illumination by Optical Research Associates
LightTool Illumination is an illumination design program with special CAD-like features for 3D solid modeling and analysis of illumination systems. http://www.opticalres.com All intraocular lenses are tested by the manufacturer before they are released for distribution. The test performed by most firms is a simple resolution test performed with the lens in air. More sophisticated testing is possible in theory; however valid concerns about sterility dictate that lens handling be held to a minimum. Thus, air testing has become virtually an industry standard. http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/ost/reports/fy95/optics.htm

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