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Mechanical Engineering

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An easy to use continuous beam analysis program for the Microsoft Windows platform. This program is priced reasonable and is starting to have a significant following of Engineer's and Technicians across the United States.This program can handle multiple span, and point, uniform, varying uniform and applied moments in the positive and negative direction. Other configurations are Cantilever left, right side or both sides and it also has a Hinge Option. This program is very simple to run. As one inputs the information which is on one "non - convoluted" form, the beam is drawn in real-time, this allows the user to "see" what the situation looks like. The output screen allows the user to add particular values to the plot and print them out. The results file has information associated with the analysis and shows the Max and Min shear, moment and deflection values and their locations on the beam

Bentley Structural
Bentley Structural building information modeling (BIM) methodology supports 2D/3D or analytical workflows. Fully integrated physical modeling and analytical modeling allows you to work in either view at any time, while all changes are automatically synchronized between the two. In addition, drawings are automatically generated using industry-standard representations of the structural systems -- all of which are fully customizable to meet your needs.

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite
Industry-leading civil design solution, used by 19 state DOTs, the Federal Highway Administration, and design/engineering consultants worldwide. GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite is continually put to work on leading transportation and infrastructure projects: road and interchange projects, airports, bridges and overpasses, rail corridors, dams, tunnels, urban complexes and rail systems. Known for its flexibility and ability to handle virtually any design circumstance, the Suite offers a no-templates design capability and easy customization using GEOPAK's unique Criteria system. It is the only civil software to support real-time, simultaneous multi-user design. The Suite also helps users save time while exploring scenarios by designing simultaneously in cross section, plan and profile view. Project teams develop comprehensive, highly accurate data models that evolve from concept through construction. GEOPAK's most comprehensive software product, the Civil Engineering Suite addresses every major design discipline, comprising the full gamut of civil design disciplines and including the GEOPAK Site and GEOPAK Bridge products..

BISPEC is a user-friendly program that computes Linear and Nonlinear spectra of earthquake records. Bispec can also be used to analyze a single SDOF system under any ground acceleration record, and plot the displacement or force response over time. You can even watch an animation of the shaking in real time!

AdvanceSteel is a 3D steelwork modelling package that runs in AutoCAD. Its advanced object oriented functionality provides powerful tools to quickly create, review and edit all types of structural and miscellaneous steelwork including both hot and cold rolled.

Construsoft provides software solutions for 3D CAD modeling, Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) and ERP/MIS systems

HighRoad Software
Creative Engineering's advanced road design software - uses a fully integrated graphical interface tailored for civil engineers. The program's highly intuitive design means you can pick up HighRoad immediately without being a computer expert or learning complicated commands. HighRoad's interface combined with its built-in intelligence results in fast and interactive road design that produces results quickly

3D+ The ultimate AutoCAD based structural modelling software, providing automated general arrangement drawings, material lists and revision history. 3D+ integrates with all of CSC's design applications and provides the missing link for AutoDesk ADT and ABS - for total building integrated modelling (BIM).

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