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Engineering Power Tools
Engineering Power Tools is powerful software for professional engineers. This program can greatly increase your efficiency by eliminating wasted time, looking up formulas and then performing the same calculations over and over again by hand. The software solves a wide range of commonly encountered engineering problems quickly and efficiently. Over 140 program modules and data tables are organized into one easy-to-use package.

Archon Engineering PC
Archon Engineering PC, is the market leader in engineering software for civil, mechanical and structural engineers.

Pontis is a comprehensive bridge management system developed as a tool to assist in the challenging task of bridge management. Pontis stores bridge inventory and inspection data; formulates network-wide preservation and improvement policies for use in evaluating the needs of each bridge in a network; and makes recommendations for what projects to include in an agency’s capital plan for deriving the maximum benefit from limited funds.

Virtis and Opis
Virtis and Opis Version 5.0 were delivered in March 2003. The latest version now features floor-system superstructure definition and complete load rating of the stringers, floorbeams and girders within the system. Reinforced concrete frame superstructures are now supported in both products. The software will initially support line girder analysis, but the database and graphics are capable of supporting a three-dimensional description of a bridge, which would be the basis for future three-dimensional modeling and analysis.Load and Resistance Factor Rating is also envisioned for Virtis once the new specification is adopted.

DARWin 3.1
DARWin 3.1 is a metric-compliant AASHTOWare computer software product that conforms to and is compliant with the pavement design models presented in the respective design guide documents. However, DARWin allows the pavement design engineer to accomplish much more. For example, in flexible pavement design, DARWin allows the calculation of layer thickness by three user-selected methods, including an optimization scheme. Rigid pavement design is enhanced by the addition of the steel design equations for JRCP and CRCP and by the inclusion of in-depth guidance on many of the inputs to the rigid pavement design equation. The overlay design module incorporates the revised approach to pavement overlay design developed under NCHRP Project 20-7. The overlay design module provides a fully automated means of performing all of the different overlay design calculations, including automated FWD file processing and back calculation.

MCAL SOFT is an engineering software company established in 2004 by the engineers of Architectural Wall Systems, Inc.MCAL SOFT provides a whole suite of engineering software tailored to meet the needs of structural engineering and specifically the architectural wall industry.

Armtec USDS CD
The Armtec USDS CD contains complete design software, documentation, and CAD symbols to aid in all aspects of corrugated steel pipe underground detention system design.The software allows the designer to use the Modified Rational hydrograph method, the NRCS (SCS) TR-55 "Tabular Hydrograph" method, or a user-entered/pasted hydrograph to specify the inflow to the detention system. The designer then visually lays out a detention system that meets the storage requirements dictated by the inflow hydrograph and outflow rate limitations. Various pre-defined detention layouts can be used, or a completely custom layout can be drawn by placing pre-defined pipe fittings using the drag-and-drop layout designer. A weir and multiple orifices can be used to control the outflow from the system.

The Armtec Life Cycle Cost Analysis Program will perform Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (also called "Least Cost Analysis") as per ASTM A930-94 and the AISI "Modern Sewer Design" handbook.The program allows comparison of up to 10 different pipe alternatives, and includes various "what-if" facilities for seeing the effect of variances in the design information. The results can be viewed, graphed, printed, and sensitivity analysis can be performed to view the effects of economic variables on the results.

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