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VU by inVisu inc.
VU is a configurable visualization software tool for the display and analysis of numerical solutions. It is used for exploring and interpreting results from simulation programs or experimental measurements. It finds applications in fluid mechanics, civil engineering, applied mathematics, manufacturing, injection molding, combustion, structures, computational chemistry, etc. VU is available on computers of various sizes, from laptops using Linux to virtual reality immersion environments (CAVE(TM), ImmersaDesk(TM), Reality Center(TM), etc.). http://www.invisu.ca

CFdesign by Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc.
CFdesign is the leading fluid flow analysis and electronics cooling CFD software solution for product development teams using Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Unigraphics. http://www.cfdesign.com

CFX-5 by AEA Technology Engineering Software
CFX-5 computational fluid dynamics software greatly assists our customers in improving their profits by rapidly optimizing every aspect of fluid flow analysis within their overall product design and manufacturing processes.;Our latest release, provides a wide range of new models, meshing tools and a completely new post-processor that greatly enhance its application range and usability. http://www.cfx.aeat.com

CFX-TASCflow by AEA Technology Engineering Software
CFX-TASCflow is the computational fluid dyanamics (CFD) software of choice for mechanical engineering design and analysis and a leader in the field of turbomachinery. The unique coupled, algebraic multigrid solver runs in parallel on any number or combination of UNIX or NT processors. http://www.cfx.aeat.com

 CFX-4 by AEA Technology Engineering Software
The leading CFD software for the prediction of the complex flows encountered in the process and chemical industries. ;CFX-4 offers a unique blend of powerful tools including direct CAD access, highly automated geometry creation tools, sliding meshes, and advanced models for turbulence, combustion, radiation, and multiphase flows. These technologies enable you to easily simulate real industrial flow processes, from settling tank sedimentation to bubble-driven flow in mixing vessels, and from jet flame impingement to coal-fired combustion plant. http://www.cfx.aeat.com

CFX-ProMixus by AEA Technology Engineering Software
CFX-ProMixus is an interactive software tool that provides detailed three-dimensional analysis of mixing processes in batch reactors. Starting from an intuitive GUI, the user specifies reactor configurations from lists of tank, baffle and impeller templates. CFX-ProMixus then automatically performs a CFD simulation of the flow within that vessel. The output is presented in a gallery of graphics and tables which illustrate and quantify mixing performance http://www.cfx.aeat.com

 AFT Fathom by Applied Flow Technology
Powerful incompressible pipe network modeling with extensive capabilities for modeling simple and complex piping systems, pumps, control valves, heat exchangers and much more, with the ease of use of model building in a familiar schematic format. Now includes Scenario Manager for managing multiple system configurations and design cases.

 AFT Arrow by Applied Flow Technology
Powerful compressible pipe flow modeling with an easy-to-use interface. Capabilities include open & closed loop, parallel and series flow, compressors, control valves and much more.

CFDStudio by ACRi
CFDStudio is the new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by ACRi, for use in CFD problem setup. The initial release supports ANSWER(tm) and PORFLOW(tm) only. http://www.ACRiCFD.COM

 STAR-CD by Computational Dynamics Ltd
STAR-CD is a powerful multipurpose CFD code that can assist you through the complete design process, from concept design, through parametric studies to optimisation. Using its advanced physical models, it can help you gain insight into complex flows and chemical reaction processes. Further into the design process it can complement and reduce your requirement for physical testing.

Navigation: Engineering:   1 2 3 4 5

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