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Electric is a sophisticated electrical CAD system that can handle many forms of circuit design, including: Custom IC layout (ASICs) Schematic drawing Hardware description language specifications

Electric VLSI Design System
The Electric VLSI Design System is available in a number of forms.The basic source code is available for download, free of charge. In addition, you can purchase other forms of the system, including precompiled binaries and CD-ROMs.

EDWinXP 1.40
EDWinXP 1.40 suite comprise of Schematic Editor, Simulators Mixed Mode Simulator and SPICE based simulator EDSpice, PCB Layout Editor Create the PCB Layout, Fabrication Manager generate Manufacturing output files for Photoplotter, NC Drill etc. Thermal Analyzer check for hotspots on the board, Electromagnetic Analyzer (with Signal Integrity and Field analyzer) check for electromagnetic effects on the board, 25,000 + Library Components and Library Editor for library component creation.Also included are 8051 microcontroller kit,VHDL/Truth Table to diagram converter and 3D IDF file viewer.

Real-Time DSP Development Software
Use RIDE software for Development and Rapid Prototyping of DSP-based applications using a graphical programming methodology. RIDE supports leading DSP development boards or your own custom DSP target.

Test with Virtual Instrumentation
Share data between RIDE and LabVIEW while your DSP application is running. Use virtual instrumentation to provide stimulus and response testing or to characterize your algorithm.

MagNet, the leading electromagnetic field simulation software for over 25 years, has helped hundreds of engineers and designers worldwide accurately model and analyze the performance of their devices.

OptiNet is a truly innovative tool for optimizing electromagnetic or thermal devices, using both continuous-valued and discrete-valued variables: no other software of this type on the market has this capability.

FullWave quickly models 3D high-frequency structures with access ports through which energy enters and leaves. A different arbitrary-shaped waveguide or transmission line is easily connected at each port of the model.FullWave can compute the scattering matrix or resonant modes of the structure, or only port modal solutions, using exclusive IMT iterative and direct solvers. The results can be exported to microwave circuit analysis packages in Touchstone, Citifile, and Supercompact formats.In computing a solution, FullWave first does a 2D modal analysis at the ports; the user may choose to do this independently of the 3D solution. For resonant structures, FullWave handles structures made of a combination of dielectric, conducting and magnetic materials. There is a choice of definitions for characteristic impedances.

Wind River
Wind River offers complete solutions for the industrial device industry, including an Eclipse-based development suite for the full device software development lifecycle, run-time platforms based on multiple operating systems, and a professional services practice to extend the capabilities of your engineering team. Middleware integration and intercommunication between different operating systems via TIPC - both during development and after deployment - enable device manufacturers to take advantage of the latest and most powerful technologies available for precise industrial applications. Platform for Industrial Devices provides drivers and protocols for connected devices on the factory floor, wireless peripherals, and other devices within the network infrastructure. Support includes CAN, DCOM, OPC, USB, Wi-Fi, and IPv4/IPv6. In addition, the platform includes an extensive suite of security protocols to protect network data.

Choice of AutoRouters to meet your needs
Our Standard and Professional packages comes with a high performance gridless autorouter (ProRoute). This router features a probe gridless engine. You have as many as 6 user configurable passes per iteration and the router is completely re-entrant with the ability to protect pre-routes. If you desire a higher performance in autorouting, we also provide an internet based 24/7 un-attended Remote Routing powered by the full 256 layers DFM, ADV, etc Shape based, rules driven rip-up/retry SPECCTRA® Autorouter. This is a first in the industry !!!. You don't have to spend 50K or more for a top of the line autorouter - we'll bean the service to you over the Internet at an affordable price.

Navigation: Engineering:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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