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Electrical Engineering Software

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BETAsoft Thermal Analysis Software
BETAsoft Thermal Analysis Software products are used to analyze the thermal behavior of electronic boards and components while they are still in the design stage, eliminating timely prototype redesign.

Circuit CREATOR Electronics CAE System
Circuit CREATOR Electronics CAE System provides the most complete and high performance solution for electronics design using personal computers. Includes full Schematic Design and Capture, Circuit Simulation, full interactive Symbol Editor, professional Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout, and Automatic Routing. All in a Single – Integrated – Complete Product for an affordable price.

Bartels AutoEngineer software
Bartels AutoEngineer software is a professional EDA system, it requires quite some space even in its compressed form. We decided to focus on the Windows and Linux versions, which have relatively small binaries due to modern compression technology.
XCircuit for Windows XP
There are drawing programs, and there are schematic capture programs. All schematic capture programs will produce output for inclusion in publications. However, these programs have different goals, and it shows. Rarely is the output of a schematic capture program really suitable for publication; often it is not even readable, or cannot be scaled. Engineers who really want to have a useful schematic drawing of a circuit usually redraw the circuit in a general drawing program, which can be both tedious and prone to introducing new errors.

Program to handle many different simple electronic calculations. This includes: ohms law, dB, charge curves, Wires, Fan cooling, PCB, color codes, thermo sensors, leds circuit, Fo, Serial/Paralle of R/C/L, and some more. The program is free to download and use, but the program is timelocked. A new version will have to be downloaded after about 1/2 year.

PC-ECAP has been one of the world's best linear circuit analysis programs. The software will calculate and plot: gain, phase, group delay, impedance, VSWR and return loss. This versatile program can also calculate your circuit's transient response, using one of eight waveforms: pulse, 3 types of step functions, ramp, square wave, triangle wave and sine wave. Don't think a powerful circuit analysis program has to be hard to use. PC-ECAP is completely menu driven to make operation truly a breeze. Want a file? A sorted list is displayed full screen, just highlight your choice and go. Use its built-in full screen text editor with pop-up help to describe the circuit to be simulated. Or use its bipolar transistor model maker to create a Hybrid-Pi transistor model. With a frequency range of .001Hz to 999GHz, you will find uses for PC-ECAP from below audio to microwave. The program handles circuits with up to 90 nodes and 1000 components. High resolution graphs may be displayed on screen or plotted on 9/24 pin dot matrix or HP LaserJet or HP DeskJet printers. The registered version even includes a utility to create Lotus 1-2-3 compatible spreadsheets from your analysis data. All video adapters are supported. Only $69.

Circuit Magic
Circuit Magic allows you to design, simulate and learn about electrical circuits. Circuit Magic is an easy to use educational tool to allow simple direct (DC) and alternate current(AC) electrical circuits to be constructed and analyzed. It includes:Schematics editor to construct electrical circuit schematics consisting of direct and alternate current devices such as resistor, capacitor, inductance, impedance, DC voltage source, DC current source, AC voltage source, AC current source.Circuit design and simulation capability to perform AC/DC analysis by Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws,node voltage and mesh current method. Report includes well-described solutions steps such as linear equations making, equations coefficients calculating, linear equation solving etc

An electronics circuit calculation program and more. A very handy program to have (for calculations, data, as a reference, electronic circuits and easy drawing). FNC-Elcad, has something for everyone.

Electrical Engineering Software
Software for Electrical Engineering

SIMetrix AD Plus
This product is aimed at analog design specialists who are involved in PCB level circuit design, and especially for power electronics applications. This product is also suitable for bipolar IC design if the real-time noise feature is not required.Available on Windows and Linux platforms

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