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Electrical Engineering Software

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Engineering Base 2004 - A new approach
Engineering Base 2004 is the new and innovative design software for the electrical engineering community. Creating electrical design documentation with Engineering Base 2004 is faster and easier than ever. Engineering Base 2004 combines Microsoft Office Visio, with Microsoft SQL Server, the powerful enterprise relational database management and analysis system. Electrical diagrams are drawn with Visio and all data is managed with the SQL Server.

OfficeReady Templates
Hundreds of pre-formatted, professional templates for word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations - just add your own images and text.

Mondello/NT gives technical illustrators a powerful set of tools that simplify and automate the process of creating and editing technical illustrations that contain raster images, continuous-tone images, and vector line art.

DataXpress' offers the DXL1500 Bidirectional Verilog/EDIF Netlist Translator. The DXL1500 allows Verilog users to translate their circuit descriptions to and from the Engineering DataXpress database called EDI. Data from the EDI database can be output as an EDIF 2 0 0 data file. EDIF netlist files can also be read into the EDI database and translated into the Verilog format.

EDIF PCB Translator Development Environment
A complete EDIF 4 0 0 translator development system which provides all of the software modules, the support libraries and the intermediate format required for any EDIF 4 0 0 data integration development project which must support PDB layout data. The DXE400 is built upon the proven technology contained in the DataXpress Product Family; a system that has been widely used since 1987. http://www.dataxpress.com/devtools.html

DXE200 (EDI) Enhanced with Configuration API
An extension to the DXE200 API has been added to support the accessing of data associated with different design configurations. Design configurations are supported in many EDA systems by back-annotating information onto a design hierarchy. Different design configurations are created by developing different back-annotation data sets, and the DXE200 now supports multiple design configurations per hierarchical design. Mentor Graphics' Design Architect represents this information with theirViewpoint feature. ViewLogic's ViewDraw uses their OAT files to represent this type of information. The DataXpress Integrator products that support Mentor DA (DXL801) and ViewLogic (DXL1801) now fully support the translation of design configuration information. And, other DataXpress Integrator products are being enhanced to also support this feature

TestSight Developer
The TestSight Developer is a supplemental programming environment for the Checksum Analyst ICT, Takaya Flying Probe™, Agilentâ 3070 In-Circuit, and Teradyne Testers. TestSight Developer incorporates much of the functionality contained in Board Consultant, but with a more intuitive, user friendly interface. Accelerate your test development by completing most of your design work before invoking Board Consultant.

Dataplex provides chip designers with access to a single IP solution that controls off-chip storage devices and optimizes the dataflow from these devices to the system on chip (SoC). Dataplex leverages Databahn™ IP technology to provide component-level configurability, effectively insulating SoC designers from fast-changing protocols and details associated with interfaces such as SATA, Flash, and DDR memory.

Blueprint is used by chip design teams to automate the creation and management of control registers, and all related models, design views and documentation. From a register description language (RDL) input, Blueprint generates views for hardware and software development, verification, and documentation.

Databahn is the leading IP solution for complex interfaces such as DDR memory and Serial ATA. Databahn-DRAM supports SDR, DDR1, DDR2, and Mobile SDR/DDR devices, and is fully configurable for a wide range of bandwidth, latency, and power requirements. Databahn-SATA provides a configurable IP core supporting the Serial ATA standard.

Navigation: Engineering:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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