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Computer-Aided Design (CAD/CAM) Software

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 VX Designer
Advanced 3D design VX Designer includes all the advanced design modules of the VX product family. This offers an effective modeling tool without compromise. Integrated solid/surface modeling makes it possible for engineers to take advantage of the speed of solid modeling and the flexibility of true Class A surface modeling. With hybrid modeling you can handle solids and surfaces seamlessly in the same environment. With VX, it's also incredibly easy to sketch 2D shapes. Our Quick Draw function produces all common geometry with a single command and can be automatically dimensioned and constrained as it's created. VX burst technology helps create and manage assemblies by cloning any number of parts from other assemblies. Model healing, standard CAD formats, and VX PDM are just some of the additional modules that make this a very strong design package.

Alibre Design Expert
Includes Alibre Design Professional and additional add-on software for a total design to manufacturing solution.

VX Mechanical
Entry level solid and surface modeling.VX Mechanical is the entry-level package of the VX product family. At a very affordable price it includes basic solid and assembly modeling, plus the powerful VX Drafting module. VX Mechanical is 100% file compatible with all the VX product families. This is the perfect product for CAD users that want to explore 3D modeling software at an affordable price.

VX Mold and Die
Integrated mold and die design.VX Mold & Die includes an easy to use utility for automatically creating parting lines and faces. VX Mold & Die also handles inserts, cooling channels, connectors and ejector pins. As with parting lines, VX can automate core cavity removal. Unlike other systems, a couple of quick mouse clicks handles the entire process. VX is the only CAD/CAM system to offer reverse engineering tools in the core system. With the electrode wizard, VX speeds creation of the mold electrode that automatically handles electrode offset. Our unique planar option burns the electrode up to 40 percent faster than other methods. This provides for a very strong combination for all those that design complex molds and dies.

Alibre Design
Alibre Design is the easiest to use and most accessible mechanical 3D CAD software on the market.Alibre Design 3D CAD software delivers parametric modeling, associative 2D drafting and detailing, and real-time Team Design for a fraction of the cost of other mid-range solid modeling sofware.

Alibre Design Professional
Includes Alibre Design with integrated sheet metal design and data management tools plus professional add-on software.

VX Modeler
Powerful Conceptual Design.The VX Modeler is the industrial and product designer's configuration for designing stylish, contemporary products. The VX Modeler gives you all the power of VX's advanced surfacing and NURBS processing with the tools to capture your most-imaginative conceptual ideas and prepare them for engineering, mold design, and manufacturing.

Alibre Design 8.2
Easy-to-use parametric solid modeling and associative 2D drafting and detailing plus built-in real-time collaboration tools.

Industry Specific Web Imaging Solutions
Software provides web imaging solutions for numerous industries and companies that make up the Global 2000 marketplace, as well as for the application developers at these organizations and the end users of their products. Our customer base is very diverse, and this diversity is what makes us the leading provider of powerful, flexible, and reliable imaging technology. Our powerful Web viewers, smarter imaging toolkits, and rapid batch conversion applications empower you to build a wide variety of applications and solutions with expert imaging capabilities to meet all of your needs.

TurboCAD Deluxe
TurboCAD Deluxe is an easy-to-use, precision 2D/3D design tool packed with powerful features and backed by the award-winning TurboCAD brand with over 1 million sold.

Navigation: Engineering:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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