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           From the days of typing letters manually to using computers for writing letters many solutions have evolved from word star for DOS system to today’s Microsoft word and other smart word processing software’s giving very artistic and sharp layouts for various documents required by users.  Unfortunately none of the software’s have been able to create a dynamic letter / document for the user specially when there are 10’s of pages of contents in the documents that too unique for each instance. Smart secretaries have been able to manage by cutting and pasting the contents from different documents by sacrificing the quality and quantity of work that they would have otherwise delivered.

          Quicksoft’s Contract Generation software is a very essential tool for today’s secretaries in the export business. This software has been developed keeping in mind the brokers community for agricultural products. The software accepts the buyers, sellers, port of discharge, port of destination, product, product quality specification, weight in gross and net, currency, legal disclaimers, rate of brokerage etc. from the user and generates the contract automatically based on the above inputs. It also provides the useful MIS on rating for buyers and sellers and the business done for the product and so on.

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