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Microfilm / Microfiche Imaging & Conversion:

Quicksoft provides the microfilm & microfiche scanning and conversion services. We can scan 200-600 DPI images from microfilm or microfiche, index & convert the text and images to a full-text searchable (XML /SGML/HTML) format or to PDF format.

We can handle multi-film formats capture data at true resolution without software interpolation and scan at both high and low resolutions. User programmable Gamma Correction increases your image quality dramatically. We can provide Grayscale 8-Bit output - 12-Bit camera input. We can select Camera Resolution to match DPI need.

We can process 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm, microfiche positive or negative film and print A3 size copies and write to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or Optical Disc for instant On-Demand service. Quicksoft offers the ability to scan all different film types - microfiche, roll film and aperture cards.


  • Cine/Comic
  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • Multiplex
  • COM
  • EKGs/Oil
  • Well Logs
  • AB Dick
  • Microx
  • Step & Repeat
  • Ultra Fiche
  • Vesicular
  • Roll film

16mm and 35mm

  • Cine/Comic
  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • Multiplex
  • COM Roll
  • EKGs/Oil
  • Well Logs
  • 1000 ft. Reels
  • 3M Cartridge
  • Planetary
  • Rotary
  • Aperture Card

Aperture Cards

  • Cine/Comic
  • Simplex
  • Multiframe

We provide scanning roll film, Microfiche or Aperture cards with adjustments for image edge detection, contrast levels, reduction ratios, light intensities, and spatial filtering with convolutional filters 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7. We handle issues like poor contrast, fuzzy images, thin images, noisy images, dark images, and background noise, etc., and take corrective actions during the Quality Checking. We can provide output in Group 4, CITT, TIFF (Bi-Tonal), TIFF, JPEG, TIFF-LZW, GIF, and Multipage TIFFs formats.

The set-ups and processing can include: Image detection and segmentation, Crop, deskew, and Digitization and indexing. Detection and location of individual frames within the microfilm. Threshold settings ensure proper framing even for poor quality film.

Adjustments can be made to

  • Rotate, mirror and deskew
  • Provide Bi-tonal and grayscale images
  • Cropping, framing
  • Contrast enhancement

Image Density Compensation adjustment for bi-tonal images can be provided. Even poorly filmed originals can be rendered legible with our enhancement software.

We can correct contrast variances during the scan cycle or provide for more accurate OCR.

We can handle the most demanding documents such as historical archives, photographs, and newspapers. 12-bit grayscale scanning provide a High dynamic range Ideal for poor quality originals, old photographs, archive documents and newspapers.

Please contact at send us your enquiry for microfilm conversion services.

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