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Quicksoft BPO/KPO Service offers the transfer of ownership of the entire procurement process to a professional setup to focus on procurement processes and  re-engineer them to develop a competitive advantage.

Knowledge Process Management

Information is Knowledge. Knowledge building process is a continuous process of Creation and dissemination of information by bringing together the information industry leaders to create knowledge and see meaning in information and its context. KPO provides exciting opportunities to learn, share and create for developing the new understanding and insights needed to shape the emerging information environment of the tomorrow while elucidating and building on the historical developments that have created this environment.

Quicksoft knowledge process module lets user collaborate (among the organisation and its partners) for better management of Information by outsourcing task to knowledge agents.

At Quicksoft, we believe the use of collaboration technique is the optimum solution for Improved Information Management and therefore we have developed solution, which lets users work on and contribute for improved information dissemination. Our strengths is our understanding of Knowledge Management (KM) and putting information to use by contributing to successful knowledge sharing and creation. Our knowledge module reflects requirements identified by the organisation in knowledge business.

At Quicksoft, we believe in providing platform and equal opportunity to all the sections of the society with Work from Home model to Contribute in Information Management using collaboration technique. Work from home model is cost effective and saves lot of time and money wasted by office goers and create wealth of opportunities for masses.

The key benefit of the work from home model is :

  • Provide platform & Create opportunities for everyone.
  • No need to Invest in additional Hardware setup & Infrastructure.
  • Save in the cost of electricity (work from home model).
  • Save in HR Cost and other staff welfare expenditure (Motivation and overtime).
  • Save in cost of supervison and monitoring, overtime (Pay for performance model).
  • Save in cost of transportation and energy resources.
  • Work from home module lets people work in multiple shifts & flexibility to work in odd time of the day.
Quicksoft knowledge management services focus on following areas.
  • Data Processing
  • Call Center Management for Organizational Training, Service & Support.
  • BarCode Printing
  • Content Management
  • Knowlegebase & Forums
  • Blogs & News Archieves

Data Processing : Quicksoft, Data Entry module allows Operators to key in Data from the comfort of their home, a truly work from home system, where in users can enter data in the client application software provided to them and synchronize the data to collect & compile information from the operators spread across the network.

Call Center Management : A support mechanism with pool of knowledge agents specializing in the subject to disseminate information or provide web based support. Agents can login at pre-alloted time slot or request to book the time slot for providing support to the users.

BarCode Printing : A Unique Barcode Printing BPO for Chemists and Supermarkets : Under the scheme Quicksoft intends to setup the BPO centres which will cater to the barcode printing requirements of the stores in the proximity. Quicksoft will provide all software and expertise to print your barcode labels to your nearest Quicksoft BPO Centre which will be delivered to you within 24 hours, saving investment in Barcode printer, maintenance and service charges of barcode printer and ofcourse, you save on Interst on Investment in Barcode Printer. You get Barcode labels at a cheaper rates due to the economies of scale.

The knowledge agents qualities :

  1. Leadership or recognition in domain as influencers and thought leaders in knowledge & information and implementation.
  2. Professional interests in challenging and debating professional issues and willingness to cater to the society by contributing to forums.
  3. Willingness to learn & share knowledge and respect for creativity and innovation.
Online BPO/KPO enquiry

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