Sales Type Master

Create Sales Type from Sales Type Master as shown below.

This is used for storing information about which type of sales the company is having. It tells the user that the company is having Credit Sales, Cash Sales, etc. It is like a counter where the company can get the information about how many type of Sales Counter they are having. The Sales Type Master will look as below.

Add a Sales Type : -         

Enter the Sales Type name in the Sales Type text box and <CLICK> on <SAVE> button to save the record to the database and you will see the record in the GRID.  You will see the information you entered in the record and it will look as the screen given below.

Edit a Sales Type : -

If you want to edit a Sales Type then click once on that particular record and <CLICK> on the <edit> button and that particular record will appear in the respected fields and then you can make necessary changes and the click on the save button. Then the changes will be saved and it will update the old record.

Delete a Sales Type: -

If you want to delete the Sales Type then you have to double click on that particular record and then <click> on the <delete> button. It will ask for the confirmation message that are you sure you want to delete the record if you are sure then you can click on YES else click NO if you do not want to delete the record.

If you want to cancel the transaction then click on CANCEL button. The transaction will be cancelled. It will not affect the record, which you have selected for Modification or deletion.

If you want to exit from that screen then click on the EXIT button and it will exit that particular screen.

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