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Sales Invoice
Create Invoice from Sales as shown below Or Click on "Invoice" button 4th button on tool bar :

Sales invoice is a confirmation from the vendor or the supplier that particular goods are been sold to that particular customer. Screen will look as shown below.

Generating / Creating the Invoice:
Steps to generate the Invoice:
  1. Select Sales Type from the sales type drop down i.e. CASH SALES / CREDIT SALES / DELIVERY CHALLAN / STOCK TRANSFER.
  2. According to the selection of the SALES TYPE you can see the INVOICE NO. will change accordingly.
  3. Invoice Date by default will take the system date if you want to change the date you can change the date by clicking on it.
  4. Then select the CONSIGNEE from the drop down menu and all the relevant information of that particular consignee such as Address and Delivery Address.
  5. If you want the Delivery Address should be same as consignee address then click on the check box and you will see the same address of the consignee and if you do not click on the check box then you will see the delivery address where you want to delivery the goods.
  6. Then click on the DESCRIPTION drop down menu to select the item for which you have to generate the invoice.
  7. Then enter the quantity according.
  8. Enter the price at which you want to sale the item. After you enter all the relevant information about that particular product press ENTER key.
  9. You will see all the information about that product in the grid given below.
  10. Then CLICK once on the item that you see in the grid.
  11. Then you have to enter IMEI details in the grid, which is given besides it. Then enter the IMEI No. by scanning it with the scanner. And you will be able to see the IMEI No in the GRID.
  12. After you enter the IMEI No. According to the quantity and then click on the OK button and then it will validate whether the IMEI no is present or IMEI no is repeated or not.
  13. Then if you want to Add new product to the invoice follow the steps from 6 – 12.
  14. If you want to edit or delete the product Right Click on the item in the Item detail grid. You will be able to see a menu which will contain EDIT and DELETE option.
  15. If you want to edit select the edit option and you will be allowed to change the quantity and the price of that particular product. And when you are finished with the changes press ENTER.
  16. And if you want to delete the information select DELETE option and you will be able to delete that particular product from the invoice.
  17. After doing all the above steps you have to enter the information about DELIVERY NOTE, TERMS OF PAYMENT, WEIGHT and CB. It is optional if you do not want to enter the information.
  18. Then click on the Other Details tab and you will see a screen as shown below

  1. Enter all the relevant information about other charges. And then click on the SAVE button.
  2. It will give a message whether you print the invoice or not. Message will be as shown below.

  1. If you want to see the print preview click on yes or no if you want to exit the invoice screen.
  2. If you click on yes you will be able to see the invoice will all the information along with IMEI details of that particular product.
EDIT a Invoice:-
To edit the invoice follow the following steps:-
  1. Click on the Invoice Details tab and select the invoice that you want to edit.
  2. Then click once on the invoice, which you want, edit and then click on the edit button.
  3. Then you will be able to see all the relevant information for that particular invoice will be displayed.
  4. Then edit the invoice according to the requirements and click on the save button. Again it will give you the message whether you want to print the invoice or not.
DELETE a Invoice:-
To DELETE the Invoice follow the following steps: -
  1. Click on the Invoice Details Tab and select the invoice that you want to delete.
  2. Then click on the DELETE button then it will give you a message as shown below.
  1. If you are sure then click on the Yes button or click on the No button if you arenot sure.
  2. If you are sure then click on the Yes button or click on the No button if you are not sure.
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