Mobile Phone Shop Management Software

With the penetration and increased use of Mobile phones in day-to-day life, M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) is the new terminology fast replacing the e-commerce (Electronic Commerce) phenomena. With the Increase in Sale of Mobile phones the challange to maintain and manage business at mobile phone shop also increases in terms of serving customer for their right to get service and upgrade handsets, at the same time make sure that vendor is not being fooled by servicing the handset not under warranty or not being sold by them and so on. To Ensure this what a mobile phone shop needs is a point-of-sale software to take care of all the operation from procuring product, selling them, servicing handsets and giving replacements etc., with IMEI No. being tracked during all the processes and print details of IMEI No. in all the documents to track the movement of handsets. Quicksoft ImeiTrak is a proven barcode enabled point-of-sale solution with all the features from Invoicing, Accounting to Inventory being taken care seamlessly. The unique MIS to view IMEI History lets user to track a particular handset. Quicksoft ImeiTrak comes with client & server version to track inventory lying at different locations and Automate the Branches without the hassle of exchanging data in excel format or using email, etc.,

To Operate Software smoothly, Please Follow the Instruction in Chronological Order as shown in following section.

  1. Assigning ID
  2. Create Sales Type from Sales Type Master
  3. Create Vendor (Supplier) from Vendor Master
  4. Create Item Tax Component from Purchase Master
  5. Create State from State Master
  6. Create Customers from Customer Master or press Customer Button on Tool Bar.
  7. Create Employees from Employee Master
  8. Create Stock-In Entry
  9. Stock Check Verification
  10. Update Inventory
  11. Sales-Invoice Entry
  12. Sales-Return(Customers) Entry

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