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IMEI Tracking Software for Mobile Industry
In cities around the world, purchasing a soda out of a vending machine and even parking and toll fees are easily paid through a cell phone. They are used as debit/credit cards to purchase food, services, and gas. Cell phones are already much more than a communication device.

The global proliferation of cell phones with SMS, Cameras, PDA,  Bluetooth, Infrared and GPRS Communication, brings more opportunities to use mobile phone devices in different capacities.  Mobile communications is now an established force for social and economic development.


click here to View Screen ShotsThe Increase in use of Mobile Phones,  Personal Digital Assistants and PalmPilots has opened a new horizon of proliferation in the electronic market and has coined a new term "Mobile Commerce". The Sale and distribution of mobile phones has warranted to the use of the software which includes logistic management and sophisticated accounting functions and a powerful inventory control system

Quicksoft TrakIM
Quicksoft, TrakIMEI is a full fledged Logistic Invoicing, Servicing and Accounting and Inventory Management Software to accurately manage your inventory of mobile phones and to easily and efficiently track the phones with IMEI Number you have sold.

Quicksoft TrakIMEI is with Mobile Industry in perspective,  It contains many advanced features such as: tracking of phones by IMEI number, Warranty and service status of a Model With a Particular IMEI No., ability to Track Sale on Various Sales Type like Consignment, OnApproval Sale, Branch Transfer and  Bulk invoicing capabilities for high volume distributors, and a superb Report Wizard to Drill Down your Query.

Salient Features of  Quicksoft TrakIMEI
  1. Client IDentification : When first user is starting the software the user has to identify himself/herself, so that server can decide what information to send to the user and what to receive from the user.
  2. Client/User need not bother about creating the Product and assign Product code to the product etc., as the same is sent by the Server when, user is synchronizing (taking data from remote server) first time with the server. This is automatically done
  3. After Receiving the Product / Models from the Server in which company is dealing, the user can Enter the Stock using Opening Stock Module or Stock Receipt Module. The Stock Creation is the basic step as without having stock you can not sale. Throughout the process flow the system will always ask for the IMEI No. of the Model for which the stock is entered. 
  4. User can Enter IMEI No in several ways.
    • By Keying in Manually
    • By Scanning the IMEI No.
    • Using the Software help showing available IMEI for the chosen Handset/Model.
    • By Copy Pasting the IMEI No. from the Excel Sheet.

  5. Once the Stock is Entered or available as stock, the same can be sold on Cash Basis, Credit Basis, On Approval Basis (Delivery Challan mode), Stock Transfer from One Branch to Other, Replacement being given for the Old/Damaged handset which was under warranty. Again the IMEI No. has to be entered for every handset that is being sold or moving out of the office.
  6. Sales Return : One can also Enter Sales Return or Delivery Challan Return with all the necessary IMEI validation.
  7. Replacement Invoice can be generated for the Handset being received and if the model replaced is different than the original sold model then the price difference is calculated and accordingly the same can be Invoiced on chargeable basis. The Invoice is generated with IMEI details like Model / IMEI No. being Issued and Model / IMEI No. being Received for Replacement.
  8. Multiple Invoice Printing : User can select Multiple Invoice for Printing
  9. Service Module : The Service Module allows user to generate Invoice for the Services rendered to the customer for the Handset(s) being repaired with the spares used based on the warranty status. Service Module also keeps track of Engineers worked on the Job with response time being tracked. Also gives Analysis and MIS of handsets under repair, un-repairable, repaired, etc.,
  10. Sales Analysis & MIS Reports : The Software is in-built with the unique Report wizard to give information about the purchase, sale, stock-transfer, sale return, model wise stock info and many other reports, all in the form of summary and further drilled down to date wise for a selected period.
  11. IMEI History : To Track down the IMEI No. of a handset or all theIMEI Nos. of the particular model to check the movement of a particularIMEI No. As the Name suggests it gives date-wise brief history of theIMEI No. starting from, Where it was originally procured from(branch or entered as opening stock) then when it was transferred tobranch and received back from the branch and then sold to a customer
  12. IMEI Check : This option immediately gives information about the handset for which the IMEI is associated and whether available for sale or sold under which Invoice.

Unique Features :
Validation of IMEI No.
In Stock :
If the IMEI for a particular handset is in stock it will never allow you to receive the same IMEI No. from customer as Sales Return or from any branch as stock transfer as IMEI Nos. are unique universally and If you have a particular IMEI No. in Stock you can not receive from anywhere in the world.
Not In Stock :
Similarly, If you do not have a particular IMEI No. in stock it will never allow you to sale the same as you must have it in stock.
Sold to Customer :
If you have sold particular IMEI No. to a Customer, it can only be entered again as Customer Sales Return, it can neither be entered as Stock as Opening Stock or Stock - Receipt from Branches etc.,
Sold on Approval :
If a particular IMEI No. is issued under Delivery Challan or Sold in Approval Mode then the same can be available for selling only after cancelling the Delivery Challan. It can neither be entered as Stock, as Opening Stock or Stock - Receipt from Branches etc.,
Model Check :
If a particular IMEI No. is assigned to a particular Handset /Model  then the same can not be entered in the system for any other Model / Handset.
Remote Inventory Management
The Unique features of the product is Remote Inventory Management and Branch Automation. The system allows user to work in off-line mode, i.e. user need not be online to prepare Invoice or View Reports etc., as the user is connected to Client database on the client side. At the end of the day or any time during the day the user can just click on the Synchronize button to Send Data to Head Office (Remote Server). Only while Synchronizing, the user needs to be online using Dial-Up Connection or Cablenet Connection or Telephonic On Demand Dial-Up Connectivity.  The Best part is Head Office side Server need not be online to Send data from the Client Side. Similarly, when the Server is Synchronizing the Data, it is irrespective of  the Client activation. Whichever, client has sent the data, will be available to the Server at Head Office. This synchronization process can also be made online simply by configuring the Time Frequency (in Minutes) to Refresh the Data on either side.
Once the Data is received by the Server the same can be queried by Head Office (Logistic Manager) in terms of  Sales for the given period for all or a selected branch & Inventory lying at at branches for the particular handset model.

Branch Invoice Printing :
Many a time, Head Office would like to know about a particular sales transaction and may want to find as to what was sold in a given invoice and what models were sold at what rates with what tax being charged and discount being offered and with whatever payment terms.
User can find this by :
  • Select the Period
  • Select the Branch & Click on Sales Column to Drill down sale
  • Select the Invoice and Click on Print Invoice
The system will immediately print the invoice of a branch with applied tax structure for the given branch and invoice details with IMEI Nos. being sold in a given Invoice.
The System also gives stock of Saleable and Non Saleable Stock i.e. UnRepairable and Future Repairable handset and handsets issued on Approval Basis or on Delivery Challan basis.
The system also gives the history of IMEI. This is very useful to track down the movement of handset from one branch to other and from one customer to other.

I.M.E.I. Stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity
Short for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique number given to every single mobile phone, typically found behind the battery. IMEI numbers of cellular phones connected to a GSM network are stored in a database (EIR - Equipment Identity Register) containing all valid mobile phone equipment.
When a phone is reported stolen or is not type approved, the number is marked invalid.
The number consists of four groups that looks this:
The first set of numbers is the type approval code (TAC). The first two digits represent the country code. The rest make up the final assembly code. The second group of numbers identifies the manufacturer:
01 and 02 = AEG
07 and 40 = Motorola
10 and 20 = Nokia
41and 44 = Siemens
51= Sony, Siemens, Ericsson
The third set is the serial number and the last single digit is an additional number (usually 0).
This IDC study provides forecast for enterprises' speed of adoption of handheld devices and converged mobile devices. This document contains a platform- and form factor–based forecast of devices purchased by corporate funds verses devices purchased with individual consumer funds. The study is valuable to hardware, software, and solution vendors targeting handheld devices in the corporate environment and the consumer sector.
 Souce : www.webopedia.com
"Enterprises are mobilizing applications and workers on their own schedule and are not feeling pressured to accelerate timetables. Organizations moving forward now have either discovered how access to live data can benefit their organization through increased efficiencies, how it can instill new levels of worker confidence through demonstrable competency, or value the ideas mobile and wireless solutions can ignite for building a new freedom and flexibility for corporate operations." — Kevin Burden, IDC research manager, Mobile Devices
Source : www.idc.com
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Assigning ID
Sales Type Master
Item Tax Component
State Master
Customer Master
Employee Master
Stock-In Entry
StockCheck  Verification
Update Inventory
Sales-Invoice Entry
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