Assigning ID

Before you start using the software first you have to assign branch id
Step 1:
Start the software. Splash screen will appear which will look as shown below.
Press spacebar to continue or it will take you to the Login Screen after few seconds. Login Screen will look as shown below.
When you click on the Company Wizard a screen will appear which will look as shown below.

Create a new company name with FIRST MOBILE INDIA PVT LTD with the help of company wizard. Enter company name as FIRST MOBILE INDIA PVT LTD and enter OR in Co.Abbr and click on save button. Click on Exit.

Then select the company name from company drop down menu.In the financial year select 01/04/2003.As shown below.
Then click on Login button.It will ask you to create a database in a msgbox as shown below.

Then it will create the entire database and then you will be taken to the main screen.

Step 2 :
When you login then click on the administration menu and select company information menu item then a screen will appear.which will look as shown below.

On the bottom of the screen you will see the same name, which is, same as the login name i.e. FIRST MOBILE INDIA PVT LTD. Then click once on that record and click on edit.

Step 3 :
After you click on edit then you can see all the relevant information in the respected field. Then you will see Co.Id besides company name, assign the company id as "18" and enter all the information about the company. After assigning the id click on save.

Step 4 :
After you assign the ID your software is ready and you can start synchronizing the information.
After this you again click on the administration menu and click on configuration screen. Screen will look as shown below.

Enter the
username as “1” and
Password as “sa”.
Then click on Ok button. Then the configuration screen will appear. Screen will appear as shown below.
Click on the “Auto Connect” to switch on the auto connect mode.
(Setting of the auto connect check box is required for synchronization with server to get the item master / product master to start using the software. Synchronization option also exchanges lot of important information to / from server. )

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