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Medical Shop Management Software
Over the years, you have been running retail business very successfully. The art of retail management is not new to you, it is only the different way we look at it. The following compelling facts will give you the missing dimension perhaps worth giving attention to.
  1. The Overall volume of your business has grown exponentially. The items and the suppliers you have been dealing have grown in numbers. Day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it with the current method of running business.
  2. All your business partners have joined the technology bandwagon and they have changed their style of business. Even your customers are demanding the speed with which you need to respond and deliver. Tomorrow they will expect you to take orders on web and so on.
  3. The use of Computers, Bar Code readers/printers/scanner enabled software will only simplify your business needs and will help you sustain your current leadership status.
  4. Quicksoft Art-RM lets you computerized from day one without delay of keying in Bulky data and moreover you don’t need to use separate software for accounting and inventory purposes,making it a perfect point-of-sale solution.
Key Features at a Glance:
  • Simple & Intuitive:

    Art-RM is so simple to use that even a novice without any commercial background can operate it. No previous knowledge of computer is needed to use this package. Takes care of all your day to day invoicing,accounting and inventory functions with great ease.
  • Automated Entry:
    You need not bother about which account has to be debited or credited since the system automatically takes care of :
    1. Debit & Credit Voucher
    2. Journal Voucher(VJ)
    3. TDS Voucher
    4. Contra Entries & Transfer Voucher
    5. Sales & Purchase
    6. Debit Note &Credit Note

    Also you need not worry about Accounting codes / Serial no of voucher etc. since the system auto-generates the same.
  • No Limits:

    The software enables you to work on multiple companies with a provision of accounting for:
    1. Multiple Location
    2. Multiple Batches
    3. Multiple Godown Per Location
    4. Multiple Barcode handling
    5. Multiple Units of Measurement
    6. Attend Multiple Customers/Invoices
  • Day Books:

    The system does online posting to respective account and thereby provides upto date Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable and Trial Balance every time.

    Purchase Sales Accounts
    Purchase Order

    Purchase Register

    Creditor’s Ledger

    Accounts Payable


    Sales Register

    Debtor’s Ledger

    Accounts Receivable

    Schemes & Gift Vouchers

    Cash & Bank Book

    General Ledger

    Adjust Payment Against Bills

    Age Analysis

    Journal Voucher Register

    Trial Balance

  • Inventory:

    1. Barcoding of your products in user defined format.Allows you to scan barcode of different type(i.e. system generated,mrf. Barcode,product code etc.) and lets you save on barcode printing for the products having manufacturer barcode.
    2. Stock Ledger
    3. Stock movement statement: Online stock information of selected products for chosen warehouse and UOM. Lets you Track Inter Warehouse Stock Movement
    4. Warehouse Management : Allows user to sale products for multiple Godown and Auto Transfer goods from one warehouse to another.
    5. Online stock status with P.O generation to preferred vendor for multiple items
    6. Batch Management: The system takes care of different prices,expiry,barcode for different batches.You always get up-to-date stock for different items with different batches and their units of measurement lying at different shelf in different warehouses.
    7. Expiry Management: The system lets user enter the manufacturing and expiry date for the product during entry of opening stock,stock-in(delivery challen/GAN/GIRN) and sales transaction. The system also gives report showing the list of products expiring after a specified no. of days. The system also doesn't allow to sale the products already expired.
    8. Sale in loose: The system allows to sale the products in loose form by automatically converting product to least selling units of measurement. In the sales invoice form, the stock avaliable in different UOM can be seen by toggling for different UOMs.
    9. Stock Taking :Allow you to tally your physical stock with computer stock and lets you update your purchase/sale/stock data,intelligently and with ease.
  • Customer Relationship Management:

    1. The software helps you to maintain customer master with personal details of the customer.
    2. Customer Analysis(their buying patterns)
    3. Keep in touch with the customer's by wishing them on their important dates,sending regular news letters etc.
    4. Allows you to take orders on phone/through email.
  • Future Ready:

    The system is barcode enabled,thereby allowing you to recall all your products with speed and ease.It has an inbuilt browser for surfing.It supports many other input/output devices.

    User Interface

    1. Very Easy to Use
    2. Soothing Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help
    3. Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms
    4. Multi-User
    5. Allows you to buy in bulk & sell in loose
    6. All reports for specified period selected using calender
    7. Simplified Edit / Delete using Mouse Right Button
    8. Data view in tabular form to check the correctness of entries made
    9. Zoom to Voucher Direct from Trial Balance just by Double clicking the mouse button
    10. Users manual with Online Support and email support
    11. Updates available from website
    12. Internet Surfing / Email / FTP from within the accounting software

    Data Management

    1. Data Import and Export Facility
    2. Excellent Data Management
    3. Simplified data back-up,auto back-up on daily basis.
    4. Send / Receive Data of your branches spread across the Country
    5. User level/Form level screen access for improved security
    6. Scalable:available with MS-SQL Version


    1. Excellent quality of output for Reports
    2. All frequently used reports at the click of a button
    3. All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc.,or can be faxed or emailed
    4. On Line Trial Balance and Balance sheet at the click of a button
    5. On-line & Batch mode voucher & cheque printing
    6. Bank Reconciliation report as per the book keeping rules
    7. DOS/Fast Printing for Voucher, Invoice printing is available
    8. Invoices at lightening speed. Also gives you the comfort of managing multiple
    9. customers by allowing you to work on multiple invoices at the same time.
    10. Multiple Printer selection from the network
    11. Group Consolidation
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